Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Math Pop

Math Pop is an app that allows students to practice their basic facts.  They can select one of the four operations or a mix of the four.  Eight balloons appear on the screen, four with a problem such as 4x3 and four answers that go with the problems.  When the two balloons that "go together" are touched, they disappear.
  When all the balloons have disappeared the time took to solve the four problems shows on the screen along with an encourage comment: "You rock!." 
There is also a choice of going on the the next level or practicing the probems from the previous level. The background changes at each level. I have explored to level 20 on the mixed operation problems and there is a level 21. I'm not sure how  many levels there are in the app.
I would want to watch students with this app to see which problems they solve incorrectly and to see how fast they are matching the balloon problem to the balloon solution. I had a couple of fifth grade students try it and had them record the problems they missed in writing. While one student was working on the Balloon Pop app, I was working with the other student.  There is feedback to the student about his/her success rate and time but there isn't a way for the teacher to know how the student did other than having the student do some written recording after each level.

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